June sees the return of one of the meatiest burgers ever made. We’re bringing back the T-Rex, the winning entry of Burger Wellington 2012 competition as our Famous $20 Lunch.

Made from all beef chuck steak patty and BBQ short rib, the T-Rex comes with celery mayonnaise and beetroot relish on a Pandora bun with hand-cut fries served on a real beef shoulder bone.

The T-Rex burger is $20, and is available at lunchtime, Monday – Friday, and only for the month of June.

What T-Rex critics have said:

“Did I feel like a T-Rex? Maybe. Did I let out a roar of delight? Probably. Do I hope Boulcott Street Bistro will bring back the burger from time to time (and let me know beforehand)? Definitely.”

Gusty Gourmet, Aug 2012

“A better class of burger – a bit next level.”

Jeremy Taylor, Burger Wellington judge, Aug 2012

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